Thursday, July 7, 2011

Race For the Cure

So I know most of you have seen these pictures on FB but I'm just catching up my blog for my own record. These are pictures from Race for the Cure. We do it every year to celebrate my Mom surviving breast cancer. This was our 5th year!!
On our way to the Race.
Our little Pirates aaaaaarrrrrr.
Miss Emma giving us her best pirate face.
Mom the "Survivor" and Daddy.
My cute family.

Mom and her girls.
All the kids + Levi.

The kids were getting tired toward he end.

Luckily there were lots of shoulders to go around.
Mom received her 5th medal for completing the race. We're so proud of you Mommy.
And here is a random guy in a crab suit. The girls wanted a picture with him.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Building the salon.

Here is the start of the build. Luke framed in a section of our third bay in the garage.
Putting in the sub floor....and yes, I helped!

Cutting out flooring. My brother Curtis was a huge help during this project. Thanks Curt.

Hanging the door from the garage into the salon.

Putting in the door knobs.

In this one you can see the new door from the salon going outside. We hired out for that job because of all the siding and stuff on the outside we didn't want to deal with.
Putting in the outside door knobs.
Look and my cute builder. I might have to hire him more often!
Hanging the sheet rock. Our friend Greg got us material at cost and my dad came down from Nampa to help hang it since he's a pro! Thanks Dad, Greg & Curtis (he helped too).
The inside...
My dad, the master mudder and tapper!
We decided to texture ourselves. It was fun but took along time. 7 Hours to be exact.
I stamped it on and Luke smoothed it out. It actually turned out really good.

Here we have our first coat of paint, (Thanks Mom and Dad Nickels) and Luke is wiring all the outlets. That was a little nerve wracking but he did a good job. No electrocutions!

My new ceiling fan!
Second coat of paint.

My little "helper!"
Laying the Pergo flooring. No bad words here, huh honey? Ü
My rock star in his Mexican shirt.

Once we got the hang of it, things went smoother.
Another "helper"Adding the trim. Almost there.

The Master at caulking.

The first piece of furniture moved it. My roll about.
Putting together my station. Pain in the neck!!
Hanging my station. Even bigger pain in the neck.
We did it! We ended up having to move it because we hung it to high.
Assembling my styling chair.
The chair just had to be tested out.
Hooking up my shampoo sink.
Testing out the comfy reclining shampoo chair.

First hair cut in the new salon! Luke insisted on being the first. I think he earned it after all his hard work.
The salon turned out perfect and I absolutely love it. It is a dream come true to work from home. Thanks to Luke for all the hard work and thanks to my parents and Curtis and Luke's parents and all our helpers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On my way to the ultrasound..... 19 Weeks 4 days
Grandma Trace took the kids to pick out blankets, boy or girl?.....
It's a.........................

Since Emma wasn't super please with the outcome, we took her to get a "low maintenance" pet. She chose a bunny and named her Hopsie!

Now she is very excited to have a baby brother!